What Our Team Can Do For You…

✅ Get You FREE Social Media Cover:

To Convert More Customers… For a limited time we will give you access to
our professional design team that will create a FREE $499 SOCIAL MEDIA COVER for you..

✅ Social Marketing Consultation:

We offer a FREE, no-obligation consultation to help you consider what Social Media, Facebook in particular, can do for your business. This consultation will provide you with a number of tailored solution options that we can begin implementing right away. Social Media has an unparalleled R.O.I. and this is something we can help you capitalize on.

✅ Facebook Fan Page Design:

Fan Page design is the key to your Social Marketing activities. With Facebook growing at an exponential rate, this allows us to develop a custom lead-generating Fan Page package for your business.If you are not sure about why your business might need a Fan page, check out the “Why Social Marketing?” video.

✅ Facebook Viral Applications:

We have several top class Viral applications that we can use in the creation of a Fan Page for your business. We will showcase these and choose the right one to use once we analyse your business requirements. The main power of Facebook is that content can easily go viral. People recommend things to their friends and their friends act on it. The Share, Invite and Like features of Facebook can also be used by us to leverage more customers to your business.

✅ Individual Marketing Plans:

We offer individual Social Media Marketing plans tailored to your business. These will include specific ideas and timelines for the development of your online brand. Your consultant will work with you on the implementation of this plan and further refinement as your social media presence developers.

✅ Facebook Training:

Never used Facebook before? Don’t worry. We offer a complete on-site training service. Our experts will show you how to work every aspect of Facebook that is required for the operation of your business. This training can also be done remotely.

✅ Fan Page update, hosting and maintenance service:

Like anything online, there is some degree of maintenance, updates and hosting required. We provide the complete service with affordable options that allow you to leave the hard work to us while you concentrate on dealing with the new leads you get through Facebook.

✅ SSL Certificate:

By the way, unlike MOST other Fan Page services, Alex Fast Fan Page Services – Facebook Fan Pages & Facebook Marketing provides the secure connections that allow users to view your pages over an https connection… In simple terms, so long as your content is hosted with us, that means your customers will never be met with the unprofessional error message because we take care of the costs of the security certificate (SSL) for you and we manage the technical aspects for you ..

✅ FREE Consultation & FREE FAN PAGE:

Are you curious about Facebook for your business and Social Media Marketing in general but aren’t sure if it’s for you? Allow us to provide you with a FREE Fan Page and a Social Media Marketing business specific consultation so you can make an informed decision.

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